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Investing in More Than YOUR Future

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

The world has changed. We hear it all day, every day because of the pandemic.

Education delivery has been changing for a while. The traditional 8 am-3 pm Monday through Friday model is now only one of many options. Online universities, community charter schools, virtual schools, and homeschooling are becoming more popular. Parents and students have more choices than ever.

Many industries are franchises. Education is one franchise-type many people don't think of because we already have so many public and private schools. STEM enrichment franchises, art, and music enrichment franchises, tutoring franchises that focus on learning disabilities, academic subject-specific franchises, and even college planning franchises are becoming more popular each year.

Education is one of the primary needs everyone has, and with education delivery changing quickly, other services will be needed to help round out educational experiences for home school and virtual school students. As colleges and universities become more challenging to get into and as prices rise for a four-year degree, a franchise that sets students up for success and allows them to be eligible for more scholarships will be in high demand. Parents are willing to invest now for a more substantial payoff later.

If you're not interested in a brick and mortar franchise, education franchises offer different models. A home-based business or virtual sessions are possible with some of the models. Investments for education franchises also vary greatly. They range from a smaller investment for franchises that do not require a brick and mortar location to more significant investments if a retail space is needed.

While you are reviewing your business ownership opportunities, I recommend you take a hard look at education franchises. Helping students get the best education possible is rewarding and profitable. If you are interested in owning a business, but you want to really serve others, this could be an excellent fit for you and your financial future. With an education franchise, you're selling skills, confidence, curiosity, and paving the way for the next generation to be successful.

About The Author

John Ovens has over 30 years of leading domestic and international businesses in the US and overseas, extensive experience operating multi location businesses globally. For over 10 years John has helped individuals find alternative business opportunities to corporate employment. Contact John at 404-432-3272 or at

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