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Pain Management: A Growing Industry

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

If you’re not in pain from an injury, a surgery, or from aging (yes, we are all aging!), you probably know someone who is. Prescriptions often cause even more health issues, and there are always possibilities of side effects and addiction.

A franchise exists that provides comprehensive pain management based on natural therapies and procedures used to design a natural wellness plan. It is a national healthcare provider focused on non-opioid, non-surgical treatment of acute and chronic pain. They provide a wide variety of medical services to help patients regain their health and wellness to lead a more balanced lifestyle. Its non-prescription based approaches include Functional Medicine (the treatment of chronic problems like inflammation), Physical Medicine (chiropractic adjustments, strengthening regimens, physical therapy, and more aggressive options such as spinal decompression), and Regenerative Medicine (revitalizing the body to restore mobility and function). This approach is easier on the body than medications that impair driving, reasoning, and more.

The franchise has a powerful and talented team, including highly skilled physicians, board-certified in pain management, anesthesiology, neurology, sleep medicine, and headache medicine, along with behavioral therapists, nurses and a variety of staff members who work seamlessly to develop a successful treatment plan for each patient in their care. They also have a strong proof of concept, and they quickly recognized the need for replication. They have experience in acquiring and converting other chiropractic centers. This business model will allow a franchisee to immediately grow into a largely untapped market with greater efficiency and a collective name and support structure. The goal is to saturate every franchisee market, rather than to penetrate.

Through franchising, the brand and service offerings will grow and expand domestically throughout metro markets in the United States and possibly even globally.

They sit in a great position in the franchise market with a robust operating model and a strong differentiation from the rest of the franchise marketplace's competition. If you’re ready to help patients regain their health and wellness to lead a more balanced lifestyle, this may be a perfect franchise for you.

Contact me at 770-516-2184 or at with any questions about franchising or for more information on this opportunity.

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