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Top Brands Include Automotive Franchises

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Below is an article I wrote that was published in Franchise Journal in the December 2020 edition about Automotive Franchises. If you are looking into business ownership with a recession and pandemic resistant business model, automotive franchises are one to consider!

For years, there have been franchises in the automotive services industry. These have performed well and are still doing very well. Service-based franchises are available to keep cars running longer, and consumers are holding onto automobiles longer. The average age of a vehicle being driven in the US is over 11 years old. As long as we have cars, there will be demand for automotive services franchises.

Most people think of just oil change franchises when they think of automotive services models, but there are multiple other types of franchises available, including maintenance, muffler repair, transmissions, bodywork, glass repair, and so on. Car repairs need to be performed by people who work for trusted brands. Many of these brands are franchise brands. Franchisors prefer executives who have led and/or managed in corporate America. They do not need industry experience, as extensive training in their model will be provided. Franchisors are looking for individuals who can run a business, not roll up their sleeves and provide the service.

Choosing a franchise in the automotive service industry ensures your customers will be working with employees who have had the most up to date training.

Here’s a quick overview of several automotive services franchise models:

Quick Lube

The Quick Lube industry, also call the ten-minute oil change industry, is an 8-billion-dollar quick lube industry. The flexible and straightforward franchise requirements appeal to both single-store operators and multi-unit investors looking to grow throughout their markets. Before rolling out new services and processes to franchisees, corporate headquarters conducts trials first at their corporate-owned locations to make sure things run smoothly. Heavy marketing for franchisees also makes this a strong franchise to consider. Oil changes are essential. With the current state of the world, essential businesses should be looked at carefully when it comes to business ownership.

Auto Repair Services

The auto repair services franchise models provide one-stop auto repair services such as exhaust and mufflers, brakes, tires, and wheels. The automotive aftercare market is a $287 billion-dollar industry. Repair services franchise models have been around for over 50 years, and multiple brands in this space give you a healthy combination of experience, brand strength, and industry-leading technology. Customers know and trust the brands, love the customer service, and keep coming back. Automotive repair services don’t slow down or stop when the economy does; they are an essential business.

Automotive Paint and Collision

Collision and repair providers have serviced millions of cars since the 1970s. According to Global HIS, there are 278 million cars on the road. The Driver Knowledge Report states there are six million car accidents annually in the US. Paint and collision repair services are here to stay, even if the economy slows down. The market is there for this to be a successful business, no matter outside conditions.


While reviewing your business ownership opportunities, I recommend you take a hard look at automotive franchises. Recession and pandemic resistant opportunities are significant to examine carefully during these times. Take control of your financial future and invest in a proven franchise!

About The Author

Over 30 years of leading domestic and international businesses in the US and overseas, John Ovens has extensive experience operating multi-location companies globally. For more than a decade, John has helped individuals find alternative business opportunities for corporate employment. Contact John at 770-516-2184 or with any questions about franchising or for more information on this opportunity.

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